Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Tomato Seeds

WinterSown is also offering free tomato seeds, you get a variety of tomato seed packets, just for mailing them a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope! It's sooo great!

Dad hooked me up with some seeds too!

Watermelon (sugar baby)
Lettuce (Grand Rapids Leaf)
Onion (white lisbon bunching).

I'll surely post when I get my WinterSown seeds! If anyone else gets them too, leave us a comment and let us know what you get.

To get the tomato seeds from WinterSown send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

WinterSown.Org Six Pack
1989 School Street
East Meadow NY 11554

TWO Stamps, #10 envelope.

Not bad for a start, I wanted to come right home and plant them! Except I have a few bags of top soil, no potting soil. I asked dad if his dirt would be better to plant them, by accident completely dad made some pretty awesome dirt.

They've added compost over the years to their garden, they've gone to the zoo and picked up elephant manuer for the garden, and steer manuer, one year some fish started to go bad, lots and lots and lots of smelt, it was rototilled into the garden area.

In addition to all of that, there's a walnut tree on their property, so the rather acidic walnut leaves were also rototilled into the ground. But as fate would have it, they use a woodstove for heat (great for the frugal minded by the way, how many people can they heat their homes for free?

Anyway, over the year.. the ashes were taken out of the stove, and dumped out by the fence, which likely means they ended up in the garden dirt as well, now you might not think the ash from your stove is great for your dirt.. but.. appearntly it counteracts those walnut leaves.. and made for a pretty great dirt mix.

Dad wants to take some of the dirt down for testing he's really into that, he's always thought Oregon was the best place in the world, I didn't really much agree, but after just returning from a Vegas trip, I'm coming around.

Anyway, dad says his dirt is great for planting, and we will ;).. but not so great for starting, soooo tomorrow... I'm off to buy dirt.

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Trudi_D said...

Hi All,

I've changed the way I share seeds because the addresses were showing up in too many freebie sites.

After March 1st, 2009 you will need to send a printout of the address webpage with your SASE. The page has a calendar widget with the date, the printout date can't be a week older than the envelope cancellation date or the SASE is invalid, also if there is no printout the SASE is invalid.