Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to my Urban Gardening Blog

I am a Portland mom. Born at Emanuel Hospital, raised in NE Portland, before it was classy to live in NE Portland.

I am a mom, as a matter of fact, I was a teen mom. I have five children. I'm also currently taking care of a nephew, and an elderly adopted uncle, and a husband.

We are currently environmentally irresponsible. We sometimes recycle card board boxes, that's about it. To be completely honest, I believe that we clean cans to be recycled on holidays, but I don't think we actually bother to rustle up a recycling bin to put them in.

I planted a garden last year, so to speak.. it didn't grow. Parts of it pretended to, but those parts were smashed anyway. I don't like tomatoes, so I can't say that I was to protective when the kids threw those at each other.

So as you might see here, it's time for a change, a little accountability, and a whole lot of research. There is obvious resistance, and some obstacles, but throughout the next few weeks, and hopefully a lifetime to follow, we're going to look into being .. a little more frugal.. a lot less wasteful.. and a bit more resourceful..

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