Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Seeds

While I was investigating gardening websites at random, and really just becoming overwhelmed..

Wondering where I should buy seeds.. Appearntly Walmart is NOT the top choice, imagine. Anyway, while I was weeding through websites about gardening, and buying seeds, and name brand seeds, and gleaning, and swapping (what a cool idea, just as soon as I have something to swap, I'm IN!) I found a little freebie seed offer.

Great idea by the way, because they will more than likely put a catolog into my hands, and I will buy.

Anyways, free seeds:

#10 SASE to:

WinterSown.Org Six Pack
1989 School Street
East Meadow NY 11554

That gets you a mystery six pack of seeds, so not only is it free seeds, it's a surprise! I found it on gardening forum, where lots of gardening people listed all of the neat things they got for free..

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Trudi_D said...

Hi All,

I've changed the way I share seeds because the addresses were showing up in too many freebie sites.

After March 1st, 2009 you will need to send a printout of the address webpage with your SASE. The page has a calendar widget with the date, the printout date can't be a week older than the envelope cancellation date or the SASE is invalid, also if there is no printout the SASE is invalid.